So who needs sheet binahong can representative us

how to buy binahong plant?
Nowadays in our region there are umpteen plants of Binahong that somebody not been misused very some.
So who needs sheet binahong can representative us:
BAMBANG 085659344517
leaf binahong sweet.

Embezzled directly from the Tree, crowded and forthwith shipped to buyer's communicate.
Terms Rp.20.000 / bag (1/4 kg)
Leaves binahong usurped not too old or not too offspring. Binahong leaves are invigorated when received.

Binahong brewed tea.
Prefabricated from desiccated wet binahong leaves. Practically whippy brewed hot installation, let place for 5 minutes. After

change it is consumed 2 times a day.
Toll Rp.20.000 / box list 10 sachets

For Engagement Delight communication: Bambang 085659344517/081222179321
Working with trusted conveyance union TIKI / JNE / POS prompt to bear to your domicile.

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