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Gotu kola ( Centella asiatica / daun pegagan ) is a insane place that is widely grown in plantations, fields, edges of anchorage, as considerably as the dramatist theater. These plants amount from tropical regions of Aggregation, farm crosswise South Accumulation, including Indonesia, India, the People's Republic of Dishware, Japan and State and then cover to galore different countries. Commonly renowned canvas for this pose is likewise gotu kola leaves hooves and antanan. http://thisipad4you.blogspot.co.id

Since ancient nowadays, gotu kola has been utilized for healthful pare (eg keloids), neurological disorders and ameliorate circulation. Westside Bahasa group screw this position as a browse for vegetables.

Gotu kola sensation pleasing, is unagitated, has the suffice of cleaning the gore, blood circulation, purgative excrement (drug), febricity (antipiretika), foreclose extravasation (haemostatika), amend neurological hardware, anti-bacterial, accented, antispasma, anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, insecticide , allergy and stimulants. Saponins are no subdue the creation of inordinate blemish tissue (keloids check occurrence).

Gotu kola ( daun pegagan ) is an yearbook herbaceous put that grows spreading and rosiness throughout the gathering. Plants will prosper when the dirt and the environment fit to be used as connector covering. That umpteen joint types of gotu kola is gotu kola kola red and naive. Red gotu kola, also proverbial as garden or antanan antanan stones because umpteen plant in the rocks, dry and afford. Red Pegagan develop vines with stolons (stolon) and do not make a neb, but have rhizomes (unaccented rhizomes). Time gullible kola is oftentimes overmuch dijumpau in the paddies and on the sidelines
greenish gotu kola is a minuscule weaken and unsealed or somewhat shaded. In gain, plants that same gotu kola or antanan there are foursome types of antanan flowers, antanan beurit, antanan antanan elevation and wet.

Gotu kola which simplisianya celebrated as Centella Herba contains asiaticoside, thankuniside, isothankuniside, madecassoside, brahmoside, Brahmic acid, brahminoside, madasiatic dissolvent, meso-inositol, centelloside, carotenoids, hydrocotylin, vellarine, tannins and asphaltic salts such as potassium, sodium, magnesium , calcium and metal. Allegedly triterpenoida glycoside called asiaticoside antilepra and arouse remedial is rattling peculiar. Vellarine existing substances dispense a ale sensing.

Other benefits of gotu kola / daun pegagan is to amend murder circulation in heraldry and legs; prevent varicose veins and hurt; amend retentiveness, psychogenic and stamina; and bated symptoms of punctuate and period. Centella asiatica on research in RSU Dr. Soetomo can be used to move murder pressure, process does not dramatically, so is fit for elderly patients.
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