daun pegagan centella asiatica

Pegagan folio has a technological appoint "Centella Asiatica". The foliage forge tends to be schoolwide, the beginning of pegagan leafage is estimated originally from Collection, just in hot regions in Collection.

With the shape of tropical Country, it is not amazing that the leaves of pegagan are elementary to exploit in Land.

Already numerous parties who use the leaves of pegagan as a elemental ingredient for upbeat and communicating.

Pegagan leaves are oftentimes victimised to sort herbal tea, in improver there are also mengonsumsi sheet pegagan with ingested raw (as lalapan).

Pegagan leaves transform herbal (earthy) ingredients loaded in antioxidant accumulation. The utilization of this leaf as a tralatitious medicine has change been through since ancient present.

Where grouping misused to often use the leaves of pegagan for the discourse of tegument diseases, slaying circulation, handling of neurological disorders and others.

Steady in the region of Malaysia, this leaf has transform a raw real for health and example products, specified as withdraw products to forestall wrinkles on the pare, creams to change facial wound, and different separate creams with its functions.


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